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February 4, 2010 

I have just received my report on web site traffic for 2009. I’m proud to see that I have visitors from over 25+ countries. Here is a partial list: United States, Canada, Romania, Russian Federation, Germany, Australia, China, New Zealand, Japan, Great Britain, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Switzerland, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Portugal, Taiwan, South Korea, Denmark, and El Salvador. I have visited 95% of these countries one time or another, and developed friendships all over the world. I would be interested in hearing from any of my web site visitors.  Tell me what brought you to my web site, and if you find it interesting.  Email me at f5000@sbcglobal.net  

Next is a quick recap of last year’s race season. I attended four races last season: Road America (May), Mid Ohio (June), Road America (July), and Watkins Glen (Sept). Coming into Watkins Glen I was the tied for the point’s leadership in the F5000 Championship Series. I rebuilt the engine in preparation for this race, as well as going through the whole car.  I thought I was ready, and had done everything I could to be fully prepared for the event.  As everyone started their cars for the Qualifying Race on Saturday, the roar of the engines was so loud, I could not hear my own car as I was trying to start it.  I ended up flooding the engine, draining the battery, and burning up the starter solenoid.  I missed the race, and thus lost the opportunity to win the Championship.  I was hoping to bring home a Championship for Bob McKee.  But it wasn’t meant to be.  

This year I have tentatively scheduled 5 events: Road Atlanta (May), Road America (May), Mid-Ohio (June), Road America (July), and Watkins Glen (September).  I will soon be taking the #4 car all apart. One change to the car I plan to make is build a tall, upright mounted, rear wing, which will match its 1970 configuration.  The same year that Kurt Reinold won the SCCA Midwest Division Championship.  

I wish I could say I have made some progress on the DeJarld car, but I haven’t.  A good thing is, it is still in one piece, and looks the same way it looked when I bought it, but just a little bit cleaner.

March 30, 2009 

Well Spring is here….. I think.  Yesterday we got 3”- 4” of snow. But today it is almost all melted.  We have been very busy over the winter launching our new Internet Business selling race car products:  www.dudiakracingproducts.com  We have over 100,000 part numbers from 100+ suppliers. We ship worldwide.  Check it out, and please support our business.  It helps offset some of our racing expenses.

The 2009 Season is here.  My first race is in May at Road America. Check out my 2009 schedule on my Race Schedule page. My F5000 is currently in pieces. I’m still waiting on a few new parts. 

I have been invited to display the Reinold car at the Classics and Chrome 2009 Car Show on April 18 & 19 in Rockford, Illinois.  It will be one of the Feature Cars for the event.  Over 100 cars will be on display in doors at the Indoor Sports Center. Kurt Reinold will also be in attendance and hopefully Tito Nappi. On Friday, April 17th we will be interviewed by the local TV stations at the car show at 6:00 am. Rockford is Kurt’s and Tito’s hometown.  I’m honored to be able to bring their car back home for this event. If you attend please stop by and say hello. Check out last year's car show at www.classicsandchrome.com

November 27, 2008, Thanksgiving Day

Another successful racing season has come to a finish, and much to be thankful for.  I won Monoposto’s F5000 Championship, finished 2nd in Class FA in SVRA’s Group 9, and won SVRA’s Most Improved Driver Award.  A big part of my success was/is due to my outstanding crew chief, friend, and wife…. Sandy.  We make a great team!  I have posted my results on the Race Results page.


The following people helped me a lot when I had car problems at a race: Greg Elliff (GE Autosports), Pat Prince (Prince Race Car Engineering), Phil Hajek (friend and race car instructor), and Mike Knittel (a friend and F5000 owner).  Also, much thanks to my sponsor Hoerr Racing Products, Jason Mitchell, Bryan Long and the HRP Team.   

The event at Watkins Glen was another F5000 40th Anniversary race.  Again we had over 20 F5000 race cars, and many former F5000 drivers.  Much of the fun during the weekend is talking with all the former champions and drivers.  On Friday, during a qualifying run, I broke a push rod.  Luckily the engine did not blow up.  With a lot of help from Mike Knittel we were able to take the engine apart, and replace the broken push rod.  Thanks to my brother, Wayne, who drove over half the state of New York trying to find me a new push rod.  

At VIR it was another rainy weekend.  On Friday during a Qualifying run in the rain, I spun out and hit the Armco (steel barrier).  I ended up damaging the left front suspension. With a lot of help from Gregg Elliff we were able to rebuild the front end just in time to make the qualifying race on Saturday afternoon.

Racing is not a one person sport.  It is a team effort.  I could not be successful without a lot of help from my friends.  Your fellow competitors are always willing to help get your broken car back on the track.  This is why I enjoy Vintage Racing.  It’s the people who make it fun.   

I’m not sure what we will be doing next year.  There is a lot of uncertainty at the time I’m writing this update.  When I have a better idea, I will post my plans to this website.

September 1, 2008

Well the season is past the half way point.  We leave for Watkins Glen, NY tomorrow for another F5000 40th Anniversary race.  We expect 20-25 F5000s in attendance at this event.  

Our Reunion at Road America, July18-20, was a huge success.  There were 23 F5000s in attendance. Sandy and I arrived on Tuesday afternoon to setup for the affair. By Wednesday afternoon we were all setup.  At 3:00pm we were hit by a tornado.  Our 140’ x 40’ tent was blown over.   


This is what was left after the tornado.  Our F5000s were still under the tent.  I was trapped under the tent during the storm.  It was a ride of a life time.  But, believe it or not by 10:00 pm that night the crew at Road America had a new tent all setup.  Wednesday morning, Sandy and I were at the track by 6:30 am to set things up again.  By Thursday things were back to normal when most race teams were arriving.  Most were not aware of all the excitement over the last two days. 


Kurt Reinold attended this year again with his family. Here is Kurt with me under a banner of a picture of his car taken in September 1969 at Michigan International. 


Sandy was always on hand to keep me cool before the race. 

Also, in other news…..  We launched our web site last week for our new business.  www.dudiakracingproducts.com    Check it out.

May 12, 2008 

It’s the start of a new season. And I’m ready to go racing.  My first race is this coming weekend at Road America.   I have made a number of improvements and changes to the McKEE over the winter. The engine was rebuilt by Mike Mullvain (Mullvain Motorsports); the LG600 Transaxle was rebuilt by Gregg Elliff (GE Autosports); new headers; new K&N air filters; new Holley fuel pumps, new upper body (painted by Carl Root), new windscreen, and new mirrors.  Thanks to my sponsor Hoerr Racing Products for all their help.  


In other news, this year is the 40th Anniversary for the Formula 5000 series.  The Formula 5000 Driver’s Association is having a F5000 Reunion at Road America, July 18-21, at Elkhart Lake, WI.  I’m the Chairman for this event.  I have been very busy since last October planning for the event.  We plan on having 20+ F5000s racing in its own Group.  We will have our own celebration tent, and 15-20 of the original F5000 drivers, from the 60s and 70s, will be there signing autographs and reliving the glory days of racing. This should be a fun weekend.  Hope to see you there.

 November 15, 2007

 It has been a very successful racing season! I have won SVRA’s 2007 Group 9 Championship, and Monoposto’s 2007 Formula 5000 Championship.


Road Atlanta – October 20,2007 – Awards Banquet

All this would not be possible without the support and help from my wife, Sandy.  Also, a special thanks to my sponsor Hoerr Racing Products, especially Jason Mitchell and Bryan Long.  In addition, those who provided help and assistance at the tracks:  Phil Hajek, Greg Elliff (GE Autosports), and Tom Simpson.


September 24, 2007 

Where has the time gone???  A lot has happened over the last 3+ months.  I’m currently tied for first place in the points standing in my Group for SVRA.  I leave for Virginia International Raceway tomorrow for another race. 

In June I bought my own shop.  It is 2300+ square feet, and has a lift. It has enough room for my trailers, truck and race cars, and still have enough room to work on the cars.


In July we had the McKEE Reunion at Road America.  It was the largest gathering of McKEE race cars…. ever.  We had 18 cars out of a known 21 cars that still exist.  Bob McKee said it was the greatest weekend of his life.  Road & Track gave Bob a Life Time of Achievement Award. 

May 27, 2007

 We have a new addition to the race team, another 1969 McKEE F5000 Mk12A.  This is the sister car to my Mk12C.  Both cars were built by Bob McKee in 1969.  The Mk12A was owned and professionally raced by Dick DeJarld 1969- 1971, and Mike Yarbrough 1971 – 1975.  I bought the car two weeks ago from Kent Painter, Fort Collins, CO, who owned the car since 1989.  This car is unchanged since it was last raced in 1975.  It is an excellent example of a F5000 as raced in the early 70’s.  I will provide more news on the history of the car in coming months. 


May 26, 2007

 My first race of the season was last weekend at the SVRA Spring Vintage Weekend at Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI.  It was a successful weekend.  The car ran very strong and I finished 3rd in my class, both in the qualifying race and the feature race. 

February 24, 2007

         McKEE Reunion at Road America - July 20-22, 2007 

We are celebrating Bob McKee's more than five decades in the sport we love, racing.  The Reunion will take place at the Kohler International Challenge with Brian Redman.  There will be approximately 15 McKEEs on display, ranging from years 1963 to 1976, including the Wedge which was driven by Paul Newman in the movie Winning, the world record holding Howmet Turbine, and the famous Schkee single seat CanAm car.  All cars will be on display under a tent at Island #2, center paddock.  There will be an "on track parade" of McKEE's before the touring group at mid-day on Saturday.  For further information contact:  Paul Dudiak at F5000@sbcglobal.net

February 23, 2007

SVRA (Sportscar Vintage Racing Association) has honored me with the 2006 “Rookie of the Year” award.  Only one individual gets this award in the country from SVRA.  I almost feel that I’m walking in Kurt Reinold’s foot steps.  He won the SCCA “Rookie of the Year” award in 1965!

January 20, 2007

Steve Petrosky has done two nice paintings of my McKee F5000.  13”x19” posters can be ordered from him for $45 each.  Contact him at email:  driversroad@cinci.rr.com



 I have 2007 Team Dudiak Racing calendars for sale at $20 each.  Price includes shipping and handling.  Send me an email at:  F5000@sbcglobal.net  (Sold out)


VICTORY LANE Magazine - There are pictures of me racing in the November 2006 and December 2006 issues of Victory Lane magazine.  Also they are doing a feature article about my car in coming months.  Copies of previous issues or an annual subscription can be ordered by calling Victory Lane at 650-321-1411.

December 11, 2006

I have some very sad news.  Don De Maagd, previous owner and care taker of my McKee F5000 for 31 years, died Monday, December 4th, around 1:00 pm.  There will be a Memorial for Don on December 28th at 6:00 pm.  It will be held at: 

Estes-Leadley Funeral Home

345 W. Washtenaw

Lansing, MI 48923 

Sandy and I send our prayers and love to his family and friends.


December 1, 2006 

I visited my engine builder yesterday.  The rest of the engine checked out ok…. No other problems or expenses.  Our current thinking is to have the crankshaft re-ground and heat treated.  This will save me about $1000 - $1500.   

Another interesting factor, Mike Mullvain said that when he took the engine apart there wasn’t a drop of gas in the Webers.  This means the engine ran out of gas just before it was about to blow.  That saved me approximately $15,000 - $20,000.  Now I have to figure out why the Webers weren’t getting gas even though the car had approximately 1/3 of tank left.

November 16, 2006

In my last race at Road America, during September, I broke an oil line fitting during a practice session on Friday.  Since I wasn’t doing a good job of watching my gages, I dumped approximately 10 quarts of oil on the track before the engine died.  When I got back to the pits, we spent a couple hours trying to determine if I should continue to race.  After taking off the in-line oil inspection filter and seeing some metal chips, I decided to spare the engine and race another day.

I pulled the engine November 8th and took it to my engine builder, Mike Mullvain on November 9th.  He took off the oil pan on November 16th and determined that the rods and rod bearings over heated, and need to be replaced.   The crankshaft will need to be “turned” or replaced.  He will check to see if the crank is bent.  Next he will check pistons and the upper end.

Here is a picture of the broken oil pump fitting which caused all my problems…. and a picture with Bob McKee, Greg Elliff (G.E. Autosports), and Phil Hajek helping me try to fix my problem.







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