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Welcome to my Web site!

Hello my name is Paul J. Dudiak, and I have established this Web Site to share with any interested party the history, and current racing activities involving my 1969 McKEE Formula 5000 Mk12C.

First of all I must thank my good friend Tom Simpson. Without him, this project would not have been possible. Not only did he find this car for me to buy, he also guided me through the restoration.  Thanks Tom!!!

Other people who I owe a debt of gratitude: Don De Maagd, Bob McKee, Kurt Reinold, Tito Nappi, and Chris Solomone.... all people who were involved in racing the car over the years.... and provided me valuable information during its restoration.

Also, I must thank those top suppliers who helped me in many ways during the car's restoration: Hoerr Racing Products (parts); Mullvain Motorsports (engine), Prince Race Car Engineering (chassis), G.E. Autosports (transaxle), and Carl Root (painter)

Kurt Reinold raced my 1969 McKEE F5000 Mk12C from 1969 through 1971 to many 1st place finishes, setting many track lap records, and winning a Championship. Here is a quick history on Kurt's racing career.

Kurt Reinold came up through the ranks in SCCA.  He started as a corner worker, but moved quickly to racing cars.  Kurt started his racing career in 1965 in an Autodynamics Formula Vee.  He finished fourth in the Central Division and won SCCA’s National Rookie Driver of the Year Award.  In 1966 and 1967 he raced a B Production Corvette Stingray.  He finished fourth in the Central Division in 1966, and took second place in 1967, missing first place by one point.  In 1968 he campaigned a ’68 McKEE F5000 Mk8 in the Continental Series and finished seventh in the series.   Kurt had another new car for the 1969 season.  It was a ’69 McKEE F5000 Mk12.  He raced this car in F5000 races from 1969 through 1971.  In his Mk12C Kurt won eight SCCA National races, and set eight lap records at eight National events.  He won SCCA’s Central Division in 1970, and won the June Sprints at Road America in 1971. In 1971, Kurt was named SCCA’s Central Division Drivers Licensing Chairman.  In 1975 Kurt was honored by SCCA’s Blackhawk Valley Region with the “Race Driver of the Decade” award.  Concurrently, during the years Kurt was racing his F5000, he also raced Formula Ford and won numerous races between 1968 through 1971.

Owners/Drivers (information is from car's Log Books):

1. Tito Nappi (owner)/Kurt Reinold (driver)       1969 – 08/1971

2. C.J. Solomone (owner/driver)                      05/05/72 – 10/15/72

3. Anthony M. Kestian (owner/driver)              10/29/72 – 02/27/74

4. Donald G. DeMaagd (owner/driver)             02/28/74 – 10/13/2005

5. Paul J. Dudiak (owner/driver)                      10/14/2005 –

Car Specs:

Description of Car:  McKEE Formula 5000 Mk12C                    


Chassis Manufacturer: McKEE Engineering – 300 type stainless steel tube

Engine Manufacturer: Chevy V8

Engine Displacement: 302 ci

Carburetors: 4 - IDA 48 Webers

Transmission Manufacturer: Hewland

Transmission Model: LG600

Tire sizes: Front - 11.0 x 15 / Rear - 13.0 x 15



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